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The DSA driving assessment for taxis and private hire vehicles

What the taxi or private hire vehicle driving assessment involves

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The standard of the hackney carriage (taxi) or private hire vehicle assessment is set at a level suitable for a full driving licence holder. It is therefore higher than the learner driver test.

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The eyesight test

At the start of your practical assessment, you will be asked to read in good daylight a vehicle registration number fixed to a motor vehicle with letters and figures 79.4 millimetres high at a distance of 20.5 metres (20 metres for a new-style number plate). You can use glasses or contact lenses if you wear them.

If you fail the eyesight test, you will be unable to take the driving part of the assessment. However, you will still be able to continue with the wheelchair section if appropriate.

The practical assessment

The practical assessment will last for about 35 to 40 minutes, depending on traffic. Some of the skills you will be assessed on are specific to taxi drivers, such as a taxi manoeuvre and not stopping anywhere that could be dangerous for a passenger getting out of your vehicle.

From 4 October 2010, your practical driving test will include approximately ten minutes of independent driving. This is designed to test your ability to drive unsupervised, and make safe decisions without guidance.

The examiner will also ask you a few questions on the Highway Code and ask you to identify some traffic signs and road markings.

During the practical assessment, you will be examined on:

  • your awareness and anticipation
  • your effective planning of prevailing road and traffic conditions
  • your correct use of speed
  • an emergency stop (there will be one in the assessment)
  • a manoeuvre involving reversing
  • a taxi or private hire related exercise
  • your passenger safety and comfort
  • a wheelchair element (for wheelchair enhanced vehicles if you requested the enhanced assessment)

For more information, refer to your private hire-hackney carriage assessment booklet available from your local council.

If you are taking the taxi or 'black cab' style test, you will need to answer some related 'cabology' questions. Examples of these include the dimensions of your vehicle, its correct tyre pressures and what you should do if a passenger leaves property behind.

For more information, refer to your private hire hackney carriage assessment booklet available from your local council.

To pass the test, you need to complete the assessment with no more than nine minor faults. You will fail if you make any serious or dangerous errors.

The wheelchair exercise

If you asked to take the enhanced assessment, your assessment will also include the wheelchair exercise. For more information, refer to your private hire/hackney carriage assessment booklet available from your local council

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