ADI Part 3

Pre set test 2

Phase 1 Moving off and Stopping

The main points are:

  • Briefing on moving off and stopping
  • Mirrors, vision and use
  • Mirrors, direction, overtaking and stopping
  • Mirror, signal and manoeuvre
  • Precautions before moving off
  • Co-ordination of controls
  • Normal stop position
  • Normal stop control

Phase 2
You will get two of the following, Meet; Cross; Overtake vehicles; Allowing adequate clearance for other road users plus... anticipation of other road users

The main points are:

  • Mirror, signal, manoeuvre
  • Meet approaching traffic
  • Cross approaching traffic
  • Overtake other traffic
  • Keep a safe distance
  • Shaving other vehicles
  • Anticipation of pedestrians
  • Anticipation of cyclists
  • Anticipation of drivers
ADI training badgescheck testMake sure you give a briefing on stopping BEFORE you move off.
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