Phase 1 & Phase 2

ADI Part 3

Phase 1 & Phase 2

Phase 1

Phase 1 of the ADI part 3 assessment in a nutshell is something like this

Briefing...then control via full talk through.... easing off a little by prompting and encouragement only and using the core competencies to reinforce any weak areas, so that the SE/pupil gains greater confidence and a better understanding of the subject

If all is going well and you decide that the SE/pupil can continue without verbal backup then let them loose by observing them (and the road/conditions all around you) if they do well on any part of the subject then give them praise on those parts and, using the core competencies on any weak areas give a quick rundown on how they can make this even better... further prompting or talk through as necessary

Look for faults related to the subject all of the time in both phases, it's good to point out any non related faults ( these faults are simply their to add realism to the part 3 ) but don't get too deep into them, the SE has not got the time and will only be assessing you on the SUBJECT in any case

Phase 2

Now lets reflect back to the phase 1 for a moment,
Notice the order,
Talk through....prompting....then observing

Food for thought, the way we deal with the different phases are almost the same but reversed,
Now take a look at a phase 2 SE/pupil
Notice the order,
Observing...Q and A prompting and/or talk through ....

Observe and give praise and encouragement on the parts of the subject that are done well....

followed by Q and A prompting on any weak areas ( take control if the situation demands ) using the core competencies in order for the SE/pupil to do better and gain a deeper understanding of the subject....

The exception to this....
If the SE/pupil has NEVER covered the subject then we can simply revert almost to a phase 1 after establishing prior knowledge

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