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ADI Part 3

Hints & Tips

Lifelines on the ADI part 3

When the SE realises that you haven't spotted a particular fault on your ADI part 3 he/she may throw you a 'lifeline' for example...

You didn't I.D. one or more door mirror checks before a signal.... the SE could say something like 'I love this interior mirror, you can see so much of what's directly behind can't you?'
Do you agree that the SE is trying to help you out? effect the SE means.... TELL me what I'm doing wrong here by using the core competencies to fix it!

Role Play during the ADI part 3

  • Have you given mock tests to your learners? Do you like to play it as real as possible?, I suspect your answer is yes!
  • Now think back to how your pupils react to this, in the main it puts pressure on them, and generally speaking they don't fall about laughing and tell you that they lost it because they know you're not the real examiner, they really concentrate as if it where a 'real' driving test.......Make certain that YOU treat the SE as a real pupil!

The Word Picture during the ADI part 3

It's very common to let the 'word picture' go into one ear and straight out of the other one.

The word picture on your ADI part 3 is one of the most important things that the SE will give you, and yes....treat it as a gift....the information you glean from the word picture can mean the difference between having a green badge in your window or not, the main reason for not hearing it is 'shellshock' (test nerves) take a breath, relax and ask the SE to repeat the word picture if you where 'shellshocked'

Lots of ADI part 3 trainers may tell you that the part 3 test is nothing like a real driving lesson, the only difference between your ADI part 3 and a driving lesson is that the S.E. has a very limited time to learn, and will learn very, very quickly if your instruction is good.

If your trainer says something like 'you need some luck' or 'the S.E. will do ridiculous things that a real learner won't do', then I suggest that you spend your hard earned money on a ADI part 3 trainer that knows what the S.E. is expecting of you and can actually show you by example how to progress in your training, if you feel confused during your ADI training, bin your trainer! don't get ripped off!