ADI Part 3


ADI Part 3 Myths

adi trainingThe ADI part 3 test of instructional ability is extremely difficult! Not necessarily So!

It's NOT the ADI part 3 test that is difficult, this myth comes partly from us, as human beings being inherently lazy. The truth of it is this, the only difficult part of the ADI part 3 process is.

  • NOT having the correct driving instructor training
  • NOT doing the hard work in between part 3 training
  • NOT using the lifelines on your ADI part 3 that the SE may give you.
  • Being lazy and falling for the big glossy promises that you see on the Internet, TV or magazines and handing your HARD EARNED cash over without checking them out by getting straight answers to your questions and even asking existing trainees about the driving instructor training company.
  • Thinking that the money you paid will get you through the ADI part 3 regardless of how little effort you put into it.
  • Listening to people that tell you how difficult the ADI part 3 is.
  • Imagining yourself failing before you even start because of the common myth of how hard the ADI part 3 is.
So the advice I would give is,
  • Ask others that have had ADI part 3 driving instructor training AND passed "can you recommend your ADI part 3 trainer and if so WHY?"
  • Be prepared for hard work in between driving instructor training sessions.
  • Don't take promises of an easy large income at face value, check it out and ASK around.
  • Don't imagine that the more money it costs and the shinier the websites and brochures the better the ADI part 3 training will be.
  • Imagine yourself passing the ADI part 3 because you took note of ALL of the above.

If you have any doubts at all as to whether the driving instructor training would be acceptable, then ask the trainer if you can pay as you would in my opinion be acceptable for a driving instructor trainer to ask for a deposit to secure a place in his/her diary but if that trainer or organization insists that you pay EVERYTHING up front or is vague about the training then be VERY wary.

You CAN earn a very very nice income from being a driving instructor but ONLY if you are prepared for hard work during and after your ADI part 3 instructor training.

The lesson is what you read in the fine print.
The experience is what you get when you don't.
The truth is that if you simply jump headlong into the fancy driving instructor training website, glossy brochure or T.V. ad trap you may be in for a very bad trip on your ADI part 3!

DSA examinersIt's not simply the technical stuff that a driving instructor should 'get your head around', in fact I believe that 'getting your head' around how you should think and approach the ADI part 3 is actually far more important

Far too many driving instructors are led to believe that the ADI part 3 is extremely difficult, I suggest to you that if you are given the correct technical information and shown how to prepare your mind as to how NOT difficult the ADI part 3 test is by good driving instruction and positive methods right from the start, you would go into the ADI part 3 with a 'normal and healthy' level of anxiety instead of a blow your mind stressful and miserable time on the run up to the ADI part 3 test