Part 3 Recovery Training

2 Day Course

Part 3 Recovery Training Course

2 Day Course

The 2 day recovery course is designed for those driving instructors that have completed at least 20 hours of ADI part 3 training elsewhere and is suitable for 1st 2nd or 3rd attempts.

The course consists of a basic outline but has to be flexible according to the needs of the individual.The first part of day 1 is used to assess your needs and begins gently.
The training soon builds up to a very intensive learning experience, you should be certain you are fully committed as by the end of the first days training you may feel fatigued and a little overwhelmed.

This is normal as my very powerful ADI part 3 training method is very different to your 'usual' ADI part 3 training and is designed strongly on simplifying the ADI part 3 while instilling the confidence and a very good understanding of exactly what it is you need to do on your ADI part 3 test

Day 2 of the part 3 course adds a little more and then we begin to put together the concepts that you have learned

You can schedule your ADI part 3 training so as to take your ADI part 3 test in Hull the following day or as soon as possible after your training in the area of your choice or even decide to complete more training.

Where ever you take your ADI part 3
The ADI part 3 rescue/recovery courses are designed to be fun, relaxed AND tailored to your needs with all snacks and refreshments included.

I can give you the tools you need to make it easier to pass the ADI part 3 but YOU have to use them!

Treat what you learn during your training by building on it when on driving lessons on the run up to your ADI part 3 test and it will serve you well, this includes when you are driving alone just to nip to the shops, be your own critic but don't bring yourself down, always tell yourself that your are improving and build on any errors or omissions that you make.

The ADI part 3 is nothing to be feared, with the correct, positively motivated and fun driving instructor training it becomes a LOT easier to handle.

In my experience, one of the main reasons for failure at the ADI part 3 is receiving 'not very good' negatively based training that whittles away at your confidence more and more the closer you get to your ADI part 3 test date.

With good ADI part 3 instructor training from the start and refusing to listen to other driving instructors horror stories about their experience of the ADI part 3 test you can feel very confident and even look forward to showing the SE how good you are.

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It's not simply the technical stuff that a driving instructor should 'get your head around', in fact I believe that

'getting your head' around how you should think and approach the ADI part 3 is actually far more important

Far too many driving instructors are led to believe that the ADI part 3 is extremely difficult.

I suggest that if you are given the correct information and shown how to prepare your mind as to how NOT difficult the ADI part 3 test is by good driving instruction and positive methods right from the start, you would go into the ADI part 3 with a 'normal and healthy' level of anxiety instead of a blow your mind stressfull and miserable time on the run up to the ADI part 3 test

'A big thank you to Jon who made my final attempt at part 3 possible to pass by simplifying it for me an invaluable common sense approach which works'