ADI Part 3 Test

The Examiner

ADI Part 3 Test

Don't be deceived into imagining the S.E. won't be marking you on your ADI part 3 when he/she is "passing the time of day" with you!

"Real" pupils pass the time of day with you and chat about a nice sunny day and other trivia, so don't become complacent and think that the S.E. is just being your "mate" if this happens on the ADI part 3 test! She/he is simply doing what lots of pupils do in paid for driving lessons. Would you stop controlling the pupil on a driving lesson simply because they are chatting about the nice upholstery? I don't think so. The S.E. is just being a "normal" pupil and believe me......they are excellent and second to none in the role of playing the pupil.

Remember that they are very highly trained professionals and it is extremely unlikely that they would miss ANYTHING during the ADI part 3 test! When on your ADI part 3 exam using your Q & A techniques for example - "How many driving lessons have you had?" remember to ask how long ago too! The examiner will be understanding and maybe help you out a little on your ADI part 3 test if you're nervous, but they can't help you out if you don't TELL them you're nervous!

Role Play

Please don't get it into your head that during your ADI part 3 the minor fault the SE is commiting at the moment is not designed to help you to become a driving instructor!

It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking "this guy is a very experienced driver in real life " Until the SE lets you know she/he is 'out of role' on the ADI part 3 you MUST treat EVERY fault as you would with a 'real' pupil Until the S.E. uses a phrase similar to 'out of role' or tells you that they are not pupils at the moment when on the ADI part 3 then he or she will be expecting you to treat them as a pupil,this includes using the dual controls if required


When on the ADI part 3 test (the same applies when on a 'normal' driving lesson) try not to tell the S.E./pupil that they have done well unless you actually KNOW they have done well

It's quite common for a trainee driving instructor to give a direction to go, then do ALL of the MSPSL themselves because it feels safer to them and NOT watch the S.E. to see if she/he is carrying out the MSPSL routine correctly, then saying something like 'well done' when it is not actually known whether they did well.

Remember if you don't WATCH the pupil/SE when on your ADI part 3 exam whilst at the same time making certain that everything is safe, you can't ID a fault, without fault ID you may as well forget the Core Competencies!