ADI Part 3

Mock Tests

ADI Part 3 Mock Tests

Adi part 3 mock tests can help you, as a pdi immensely, other times they can destroy you as far as the part 3 exam goes.
Have you had mock tests from your part 3 instructor trainer? Regardless of wether you passed or otherwise, how did you feel after the part 3 mock test?

Did you Adi part 3 instructor trainer give you positive feedback on what went very well and explain how to become better on the parts that didn't go too well?
Or was the feedback something like 'you need to work more on those areas, we'll have another mock test during the next training session to see if you can do better'.

If it was more like the latter then I suggest you don't give that particular part 3 trainer any more of your hard earned cash.

You're paying for your part 3 training and you should be coached into understanding why some areas are weak and how to make those weak areas stronger. What's the point of paying a part 3 trainer to tell you how bad things went and feel humiliated with little or no feedback on what to do about it? This is a very common occurrence no matter what the grade of the trainer is or if they are Ordit registered, remember, the Ordit registration doesn't guarantee that the part 3 trainer will be very good at the job, neither does having a Grade 6 DSA ADI. Now A Grade..

The best way to find out if your part 3 trainer is worth paying for is to ask people that have had training and are very happy with the trainers techniques and attitude.

A part 3 mock test may or may not reflect your score on the real Adi part 3 test. You may feel very relaxed on a mock test with your trainer and in the back of your mind you know it doesn't matter if you are unsuccessful. On the real part 3 test you may feel very nervous and get 'stage fright'.

Part 3 mock tests should be used not only to familiarise you with the format and general feel of a real test, but to build on any weak areas with positive motivation and helpful advice on how to make them better and why they need to be better.

A good part 3 trainer will be not only teaching you about the core competencies but will be using them constantly himself in order to get the correct messages across to you.

If you feel in any way confused after a mock test, for example, the trainer only marked you a 2,3 or 4 for remedial action and you ask why, your trainer says something like 'well, you didn't remedy the faults properly, so you need to do better'.

That non explanation will get you nowhere fast and leave you feeling demoralised. You need a trainer that will explain and maybe demonstrate in no uncertain terms the correct way to remedy those faults, because if you are confused as to how to remedy the faults correctly on a mock test then you will NOT be successful on the real Adi part 3 test.