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ADI Part 3

Level of Instruction

Level of Instruction

The level of instruction can be thought of as the 4th core competency and is really straight forward and will sort itself out once you become more relaxed after a couple of hours part 3 instructor training around the Hull ADI part 3 test areas.

We need to keep things as simple as possible on your ADI part 3 exam, firstly we use a little Q & A to establish how much knowledge and/or experience the SE/Pupil has, it is irrelevant as to whether it is a phase 1 or phase 2 , the answers you get will determine if you need to give a full briefing and talk through or just need to observe and use a little prompting occasionally with talk through on anything as required.

For the sake of the ADI part 3 test the S.E. will be playing the part of a learner that has not covered the subject fully so you can safely assume you will need a full briefing for the phase 1.

Q & A Ask a few questions to establish the experience of the driver in general, for example "how many driving lessons have you had and how long ago?" and "have you had driving experience on any other vehicles such as motorbikes or tractors?" then go on to find out what they know about the subject that you are focusing on, their is no need to go too deep, just 3 or 4 questions to build a picture of the probable level of instruction you are going to use on the driving lesson, then get on with it.

Getting on with it on the 1st phase of the ADI part 3 means establish the lesson objectives whilst at the driving test centre and give the briefing (at the Hull test centre if it is a driving subject, or at the roadside if a maneuvering subject, some other driving test centres work differently but the S.E. on test day will keep you informed) the phase 2 on the ADI part 3 means you will already be out on the road parked somewhere, so get the SE/pupil driving fairly quickly after establishing any previous road and or driving experience, watch and anticipate using Q&A without over doing it! while on the move and be prepared to take control of the driving verbally (or physically) as required.

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