Driving Instructor Trainer


Driving Instructor Trainer

John's reputation in the driving instruction industry is achieved by hard work and dedication to the many potential driving instructors he has trained.

Trainee driving instructors travel to Hull or Scunthorpe from every corner of the UK (including Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland) to attend John's ADI Part 3 courses. He is quite willing to chat in his spare time and offer advice to anyone about the ADI part 2 & part 3 tests

John was a fireman in East Yorkshire when he first became a driving instructor in Hull and Beverley during the 1980's. He then travelled the world and lived abroad for a few years where he gained a private pilots licence

He came back to the UK and had to complete the full training in order to re-register again as a driving instructor. On his first check test he gained his Grade 6 DSA ADI. Now A Grade., not only that he achieved 'the perfect score' and got a 6 in every aspect of the check test, and up to present has got straight sixes on every check test

John likes to have a laugh during training sessions and he is very easy going with a great sense of humour, he joined the Royal Navy as a boy seaman in 1968 and completed his 13 months training at HMS Ganges in Ipswich, with specialist training in weapons of all descriptions, and served in the far east in Malaya, Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, around the Pacific and the South China seas to name but a few for a number of years including shore service and time on aircraft carriers and destroyers

John is a master of the hand of the wind style of Kung Fu and trained with professor Chee Soo in Coventry (He was an advisor on fighting techniques on film sets and TV programs, the TV series "The Avengers", starring 'John Steed' real name Patrick Macnee and 'Emma Peel' real name Dianna Rigg being one of them) John was an Instructor with his own classes for many years teaching Feng Shou (hand of the wind) shaolin style kung fu

Here is the website of one of Johns pupils, Neil Brown, taught from a very young age he is now a master of the arts and a great guy with a lovely family too, the following is a quote from his friend Neil 'In later years John Stone moved to Australia for some time, where he successfully established some kung fu schools before returning to live in England. "John is a good friend," Said Neil, "And although he no longer teaches Feng Shou classes, experience has shown he has retained his martial arts capacity, proving that what you put into it through years of hard work, ultimately stays with you for life.'

Another of his very young starters who went on to become a teacher and master is Ted Oxley, a very well respected Kung Fu and Tai Chi master

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