Dual Controls

Use of Dual Controls

The dual controls are there to be used to keep you, your pupil, other road users and your car safe, don't use them for any other reason

If you "hover" over the dual control pedals then I advise you to break the habit as soon as possible, not only can this cause you fatigue and aching ankles which could be potentially dangerous, but it can also cause your pupil to become nervous as they may percieve your hovering as a lack of confidence in them, it's also too easy to use the dual controls to help your pupil instead of teaching them to be independant.

Worn looking dual control pedals probably won't impress the S.E. on your ADI part 3 exam or the driving examiners taking your pupils out on a learner driver test.

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The dual controls don't just mean the pedals at your feet, you may have to use the steering wheel or the indicators for example to keep everything safe, your learner may attempt to put your car into first gear instead of third, this of course could seriously damage your engine and gearbox, not to mention the extremely rapid deceleration that could cause other drivers to become confused and react to this by swerving and making a bad situation worse, this has happened to me and most other driving instructors, you need lightning fast reactions to save the day by pressing the clutch in and changing gear, while attempting verbal control by saying urgently something like "off the gas" repeatedly.


Did you know you can usually set your dual control pedals to go down as the pupil uses the pedals? This can be handy if you can't see into the driver footwell to check on coasting or feet position


Don't be too quick using your dual control pedals on the ADI part 3 and on driving lessons ( unless of course it is a definate requirement for safety reasons ) get used to planning and thinking far ahead, Q & A well ahead can avert the need to use them.


If you get the controls or moving off & stopping subject on your ADI part 3 be sure to tell the S.E. NOT to touch the dual controls and why not to touch them


if you use the dual control clutch your engine could be the first engine on mars, stall the car by using the brake only, a typical learner will hit the gas pedal and stay on it due to "shell shock"

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