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Driving Instructor Training Part 2 & Part 3

Driving instructor training can be a double edged sword. I urge anyone considering becoming a driving instructor to think twice about training with some of the large driving instructor training companies, you could be heading for a heavy financial loss and a very confusing, depressing time. Research the facts and read what other trainee driving instructors say about any given driving instructor training.

adi trainingI advise you to find a top class driving instructor trainer and ask for pay as you go training. This can save you a lot of heartache and ensures that you will enjoy your driving instructor training.

The A.DI. Part 2 training is not too confusing but it should be preparing you for a smooth transition into the A.D.I. Part 3 which can be particularly confusing when carried out incorrectly.

I have taught many trainee driving instructors who came to me after many hours of driving instructor training from some of the big instructor training schools, they soon realised that they had been trained to a very sub standard degree and in a lot of cases had actually been taught how to fail the A.D.I. Part 3.

Why should a large driving instructor training company care about you? I am sure they really care about you up to the time you pay them a large sum of money 'upfront', after that standby for a period of deep regret and confusion.

You could get lucky and have a instructor trainer who knows how to carry out your Part 3 driving instructor training correctly, but the chance of that happening is fairly remote.

I know this because of the instructor trainees that tell me how appalling the training was. They breathe a massive sigh of relief when I show them high quality driving instructor training in Hull.