ADI Part 3 Driving Instructor Training Reviews


Part 3 instructor training reviews from all areas of the UK.

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'A great bloke and a  great Part 3 training package. I also didn't stop laughing for 3 days with him we had a great time. Which is how ADI training should be delivered !! Many thanks John'

'I'd like to thank Jon for getting me through the elusive Part 3 (2nd attempt with Jon)- I don't think I could have done it without his intensive 2 day training course. He completely demystified the whole thing, and got it all straight in my mind. He also bolstered my confidence by confirming I knew more than I thought. I would recommend him to anyone - worth every penny of the very reasonable fee. I passed 5-5 and even got a few 6s - something to aim for on my first check test!, Helen from Cheshire '

'A big thank you to Jon for all the help he gave to myself and my sister on achieving a first time pass on the part 3 test. Jons a really nice bloke and keeps things simple, recommend him to anyone training for the part 3 test. Thanks Jon Les & Phillipa Scunthorpe '

'I approached John between failing my first attempt at my Part 3 test and taking the second. I was looking for solutions to problem areas that I didn't cope with particularly well on my first Part 3 - control of both the student in general and speed. Both of these undid me as once these had gone I stood little chance of regaining the control I needed to be able to have the time to carry out the core comps etc... John assessed really quickly my problem areas (including waffling !!!!) and then set about giving me coping mechanisms and tips on how to best deal with these situations. His approach was a breath of fresh air as the solutions were logical and practical ! The sort of stuff that even I could understand and easily put into practice. During my second attempt at my Part 3 exam, his advice was booming in my ears as I delivered the lesson and without doubt his training was a major contributing factor in me obtaining my ADI Part 3 pass. Phase one passed with a 5, phase two a 4.'

'A really big thank you to Jon for getting me through the part three exam! Don't waste hundreds of pounds and two years of your life on the big guys like I did in a part three nightmare. Go straight to Jon, an honest and reliable trainer who will give you first class training with unlimited support. He makes the part three so simple to understand; a few days training and a test in Hull and I got my green badge. If it wasn't for Jon I would have given up. So thank you Jon I am forever grateful, Fiona.'

'You showed how simple the Part 3 test really was and what to expect, after the course I went away brimming with confidence and was even looking forward to taking the Part 3'

'Simply a must for anyone at part 3 thanks for lifting my confidence, I am forever grateful for my new career See you at check test time, YOUR THE DADDY!'

'I would like to say a massive thank you to Jon I got a 5/5 today which included 8 6s, so close to a 5/6 but hey I passed and without Jons help I wouldn't have got that'

'A warning to all pdi's on part 3 , don't waste your time and money on the big boy training schools. I was with a ordit registered trainer in Devon and it cost me loads of money and 12 months of my life, all they wanted was my money and didn't care less about the green badge I needed. After a 5 minute phone chat with Jon he gave me a different outlook on the ADI part 3 test, I took a 3 day course with Jon to prepare for my last attempt at part 3. You will find Jon a very good trainer and make a new friend too. I passed with a 5 / 5 so dont be a fool like me, do it with Jon first and not last like me, (John Sillifant from Devon has given permission to publish his contact details here so feel free to give him a call, Telephone num :- 01409- 253044) Here is a link to a picture of John and myself (John from Devon is on the left) on the day he passed his ADI part 3 in Hull'

'I only had 4 hours with Jon, but it was worth every penny. Within minutes he had me on track with a couple of top tips. I passed with a 4/5 and it was so close to a 4/6. Thank you for all you tips and advice, without them I think I would still be on my PDI license'

'Thank you so much for your excellent recovery course I have gained more in two days than in months of training'

'It was, without question, THE BEST training to prepare any PDI for the "dreaded" Part 3 exam and well worth every penny'

'A massive Thank you Jon
Don’t waste your money training with anyone else. Jon is an excellent trainer who makes learning easy. He inspires confidence and gives all the hints and tips to pass the part 3 test
I passed with 5 : 5'

'As Strictly's judge Craig would say.....
Fab-U-Lous, or Jungle King Gino..... Fantastico, That sums up my 3 day Part 3 rescue training that Jon provided. Please believe all you read on his website. It really is as good as it sounds.
I failed my first attempt 2/2 and passed my second after Jon's training with a 4/5 !
I had some excellent comments from the examiner who added that had it not been for the nerves it could have easily been a 5/6.
Jon's training is wonderful. I was put at ease from the first telephone call right through to the reassurance and support on Test day.
Like some of you reading this, I had been 'trained' by a supposedly leading Instructor training Company, well advertised on TV and in the Press, but believe me I saw red when I realised just how far superior Jon's training actually is. He really did help me see just how easy it is to pass.
I can sincerely recommend you getting in contact with him. I can confidently say you will never regret it and like me you will have the very best opportunity of then becoming a qualified ADI.
Don't miss out. Ian: North Wales '

'A big thank you to Jon who made my final attempt at part 3 possible to pass by simplifying it for me an invaluable common sense approach which works'

' Part 3 the way Jon shows you is so easy, forget all the lectures that other driving schools tell you to learn'

'I would just like to say thanks for the excellent two days of training recently, without your help I would never of passed my part 3 exam.
To anybody reading this, believe the hype, Jon really knows his stuff. Forget about the large national training providers (mentioning no names) save your time and money and go straight to Jon'

'Jon is an absolute professional and I would recommend him to anyone who like me was lost in the confusing world of the ADI Part 3.
I have today passed with a 4-5 and it is all down to Jon, let him take away the myths and worries and get you on the right path for success!
After a 2 day course and a test in Hull I was sorted, a great relaxed trainer that you will want to listen to.
Once again thanks Jon and will let you know how the progress goes
Ken Ellis DSA ADI
(well when I fill the form in!!!)'

'I undertook ADI part 3 training with Jon after getting a feel for his teaching methods and genuine character to help me pass my part 3 I was not disappointed Jon was fantastic He basically unravelled the test by making it down to earth and teaching only what was necessary, explaining how the marking system works, including what the examiners look for and teaches in a manner so as to not confuse or over elaborate. He is flexible and committed to getting you passed without rubbing his hands together for lots of cash like you would spend on other driving schools. I learnt so much in as little time and expenditure as was possible A really BIG THANK YOU and if you don't want to be fleeced give him a call or ring me if you want to know what he and his teaching is like. Jon I really mean a BIG THANKYOU I wish you luck and success
You can publish my details, Ian 01664 474441'

'I contacted John, having failed 2 attempts at my part 3 with poor grades, my pink licence had expired, my confidence at an all time low and my earnings nonexistent After 16 hours training, his clear, concise training techniques made things more simplified. He made the learning experience fun and relaxed. My confidence to achieve my long term goal increased and I passed my part 3 in Hull at my final attempt with a 4-5'

'I had failed my second attempt at Part 3, the trainee licence was running out it looked like my career and income was disappearing fast, I contacted Jon for some driving instructor training . He knows exactly what the examiner is looking for and made the test a very positive and enjoyable experience . The outcome for me was a green badge at the next attempt'

'I wouldn't have passed without you, let alone my 5:5 and I will recommend you to anyone else in a similar situation All the best and I will, if I may, be in contact when check test time arises'

'You simplified it all for me and gave me the confidence that I was sadly lacking I found the level of instruction just right and took great inspiration from your encouragement. Thanks again'

'Jon helped get my confidence back plus teach me not everyone is after my money especially since i have been unemployed for a couple of years'

'Just a short note to thank you very much for the excellent two day "recovery" course last week. I can't begin to express fully how, even after just day one, your techniques seemed to pull together what had, until that point, been the loose ends of information I had gleened over the previous 18 months of training'

'Jon is a wonderful trainer I cant stress how great these guys are, Jon (and the examiners) are fantastic and really made me feel so relaxed, '

'A genuine word to all those PDI`s reading this review.
First things first, I thought that when deciding to become a Driving instructor I went for the Glossy and handed over £2500 for part 3 training. What a fool I was! 2 PDI`s what was supposed to be part 3 training in a car with the instructor whom was a private individual only bothered about getting to end of the day and interested in his own driving school buisness.

I learnt nothing it was all self taught not the way the DSA want it, what a waste by my 3rd attempt my head was in pieces and just couldn’t understand what was needed to pass the part 3.
2 years was up and decided to start the process again, theory.....Hazard perception and Part 2............. passed!

I was now at the Part 3 stage and started to browse the web for a reputable Trainer. Purrfect Instructor training systems presented by Jon Stone really caught my eye and having read his statement about ADI part 3 I gave him a call the rest is just plain sailing.

He firstly put me at ease and had a long chat fully understanding my frustration with wasting money on previous training sharks. Thanks to Jon Stone I couldn’t believe how much easier he made the training for me and fully understanding what the DSA want from you.

The rest is history, I got my Green badge! So to anyone who wants quality training with one of the best Grade 6 DSA ADI. Now A Grade. trainers, I would strongly advise Jon Stone, Thanks Jon you made it possible for me and to be honest I think I would have given It up If you hadn’t have made this so much easier, once again many thanks! Pete from Anlaby. '

' Jon Stone your a legend and I will be forever grateful. Well worth every penny total bargain one very happy customer'

Call now to find out how to get a Grade 6 DSA ADI. Now A Grade. on YOUR ADI part 3 test with a few hours training in Hull Scunthorpe Grimsby.