Phase 2 Crossroads

Phase 2 Crossroads ADI Part 3

You will have just finished phase 1 controls if you get this phase 2 subject, so you will be parked somewhere away from the test centre

The S.E. is now to be treat as a completely different person, don’t worry if you keep calling him/her the previous name from the phase 1 it doesn’t matter! As this is phase 2 you don't need a briefing, just ask three or four relevent questions about crossroads and the MSPSL routine

The S.E. will give you time to think about the new subject, it's a good idea to ask him/her to repeat the scenario to make certain you understand exactly what is required

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Establish prior knowledge with Q & A

then get the car on the move by saying something like “Ok, let’s drive to some crossroads and I’ll watch for any errors and help you to correct them” making certain to watch the S.E.

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Think about a phase 2 subject as questioning the S.E. well in front, when required, for example when you see a fault developing try  to correct it before it gets too bad by questioning or prompting

You can also simply not prompt at first and watch the pupil/SE using prompts as you I.D. a fault

Point out any reference points that may be of help then after you have corrected the error and you have the time (this means DON'T get bogged down explaining things until you are happy that you won't be needing to give directions or other instruction for a while) use the what (Fault identification) – why (Analysis) – how (Remedial Action)  to make certain that the S.E. can do it on his/her own

If you didn’t correct the fault before it fully developed, don't dig a hole for yourself and get flustered, just make certain that you have the time and use the what – why – how   then help at the next opportunity by prompting or talk through and pointing out any helpful reference points

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