Establish prior knowledge with Q & A and teach from the known to the unknown!

Before you leave the test centre let the S.E. know the objective of this lesson is to gain some understanding of the cockpit drill (DSSSM) and the main controls

You are in the driving seat so you can show the S.E. the cockpit drill as you do it while explaining the reasons for doing it this way
You don’t need to go into any real depth at this stage as you are going to change seats later and run through it fully

Tell the S.E. what the pedals on the passenger side are and to please keep your feet away from them

As you put the car into gear you can start explaining what you are doing (clutch down to move it into gear and demonstrate the ‘palming’ method)  again no real need to get bogged down with in depth explanations at this stage, just use the drive to the area to show what you are doing with the controls and the mirrors (M.S.M.) and that you will explain fully later

Show on the way out of the car park how you can make the car move really slowly by good use of clutch control

Arrive at the area and swap places explaining the safety precautions when entering or leaving the car, then begin the DSSSM and controls talk in more depth

Gift certificates view here

Some of the U.K. wide
ADI Part 3 test passes after
driving instructor training in Hull with Purrfect Systems

Driving instructor training testimonials are from
after training with Jon
in Hull Scunthorpe or Grimsby

Thursday 17th of August 2017

Passed (5-5)
Karen from Stafford passed the adi part 3 at Stoke on Trent after training in Hull
(almost a 6-6 according to the comments by the part 3 examiner)

Passed (5-5)
Judy from Huddersfield had a few hours driving instructor training and passed the adi part 3 at the Hull test centre

Passed (5-5)
Congratulations to Chris, from Ascot, with a 5-5 pass after two days ADI part 3 recovery in Hull

Passed (5-4)
Emma from Northern Ireland came for 2 days part 3 course in Hull, and passed in Belfast with a 5-4

Passed (4-5)
Nice result for Stewart from Stafford, now a fully qualified driving instructor after passing the ADI part 3 at the Hull test centre with a 4 - 5

Passed (5-5)
Congratulations to John, from Devon, with a 5-5 pass after 3 days ADI part 3 training in Hull
Here is a link to a picture of John and myself (I am on the right) on the day he passed his ADI part 3 in Hull

Passed (5-5)
Congratulations to Arfan, from Scunthorpe, with a 5-5 pass at the Scunthorpe test centre after ADI part 3 training in Hull

Passed (4-5)
Well done to Peter from Staffs, passed the ADI part 3 in Hull with a 4 - 5 and was complemented by the examiner after 2 days driving instructor training

Passed (5-5)
Excellent ADI part 3 pass for Shauna in Northern Ireland, she flew from Belfast, got 5-5 after a two day course in Hull