ADI Standards Check Training A Grade

Standards Check Training

check testYOU can get a Grade A on your first or any ADI Standards check.

Let me show you the simple and straightforward way to get that A Grade, whether it's your first ADI standards check or your tenth, relax, give me a call for free advice.

'Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Straight sixes all the way down. A perfect check test - thanks to you.
After four hours training with you, I came away with a confidence that I have never had before.
Your easy-going approach and attention to relevant detail was exactly what I needed.
Even with seven years' experience as a driving instructor, I needed to move on and develop.
You enabled me to do just that.
Why come to Hull when I live in Cornwall ? - because you are worth it.
Its like I bottled what you said, brought it home with me and wow - the difference was great.
I knew what to do, had the confidence to do it but most of all, relaxed into being myself.
I would recommend you to anyone wanting to develop further as a driving instructor.
See you again in four years. Pat '

The ADI Standards check is far less involved than the ADI part 3 and you passed that, so with a little training in Hull or Scunthorpe I can show YOU how to get a grade A on your standards check.

You should plan to give a lesson lasting about 1 hour and allow 15 min's at the end to talk to the standards check examiner.

The standards check examiner will expect you to convey knowledge to your pupil as well as correcting any driving faults and good use of the core competencies along with risk assessment, one of the 'secrets' of achieving this is good control of the lesson with the correct level of instruction, and good communication - feedback with your pupil.

Remember your standards check is about how you handle the driving lesson, not how well your pupil can or can't drive.

After you get a nice high grade on your standards check, be sure to continue teaching your learner drivers to the same high standard, your future standard checks will then become easier.

Your standards check training in Hull or Scunthorpe is guaranteed to be 1 to 1, use my car for the standards check training or use your own car if you prefer.

Call now to find out how to get a Grade A on YOUR ADI standards check with a few hours standards check training in Hull or Scunthorpe

Hi Jon, Just did my first check test got grade 5 so I'm very pleased and wanted to say thank you for helping and giving me the confidence to have a good go at it, thanks again, Rob'
check testTip

Carry out the ADI standards check lesson that you would be doing anyway and don't prime your pupil except to tell them the standards check  examiner is here to make sure that you as the driving instructor are keeping your standards high.

It will be easier and more relaxed for your self and your pupil.

Your pupil will make mistakes naturally during the standards check, giving you the opportunity to use the core competencies.

You will be shown how straightforward it is to get a grade A on your first and subsequent ADI standards checks so you can go into your test with confidence.


John Sillifant of Devon (John from Devon is on the left in the pic) took part 3 training in Hull and got 5 - 5, only four months later he had his first ADI check test, he got a clear grade 5, very close to a Grade 6 DSA ADI. Now A Grade. on his first check test, nice one John.