ADI Part 3


ADI Part 3 Briefings

Briefing the Pupil

Emerging at a crossroad is like an ordinary T - junction but with a road ahead or slightly offset, focusing on the need for effective observations ahead as well as right and left.

Explain about nearside and offside turning and how to judge by watching the other vehicle positioning and road markings. Show the pupil why it's safer to position offside to offside if practical, making eye contact with the vehicle ahead if possible and giving priority if necessary.

Explain open and closed junctions if they aren't aware of the differences and how this can affect the approach and emerge.

Mention marked and unmarked crossroads and how to approach and deal with them making sure they understand about priorities.

Chat about light controlled crossroads, emphasising the green go arrow and how to use it along with box junctions.

Positioning for right, left and ahead depending on the width of the road.

Talk about the road signs that may help on approach, looking and scanning ahead for crossroads will help to keep you and other road users safe.

Approaching crossroads on a major road, you have priority technically but some one may still pull out in front of you.

Corner cutting crossroads during a right turn and the dangers associated with it including the need to wait in a good position while looking ahead for a gap in the traffic, to the left in case any vehicles are about to emerge and cut across the front of your vehicle, into the new road for pedestrians, cyclists, children or vehicles blocking your entry.

Let's look at briefings. Take crossroads for example, in this case we will assume the learner has very little or no experience of actually dealing with them.

Don't try to time the chat, just think of a briefing as getting across the main points in a very straightforward way.

No waffle, be surgical and to the point then get on with the driving practice. Let me give you an example.

The first thing you could do is ask a couple of questions to get an idea of the learners experience, for example, how much car driving have you done and when? Have you driven any other motorised vehicle? Do you understand MSPSL? Have you emerged at T - junctions as a driver? Then you could begin the briefing with pictures of crossroads or simply use a pen and notepad.