When Driving


check testAnticipation of any and every eventuality while driving is THE essential skill we as driving instructors should develop to a very high standard, this not only helps us and other road users to keep safe, it also helps us to teach our learner drivers to develop similar skills and bring down the injury and death rates due sometimes to young inexperienced new drivers
Imagine you are teaching a learner on a urban dual carriageway and the car is in the right hand lane, you see a vehicle ahead indicate right, the first thing your learner should do is check the center and left mirrors in order to judge if it will be safe to move to the left and go around the right turning vehicle without the neeed to stop

When turning into a new road you should not only get your learner/S.E. to look into the new road but also have a sneaky look up the inside of any parked vehicles to see any pedestrians or cyclists on the pavement because you are going to lose sight of them once you have completed your turn, you can then anticipate the possibility of the pedestrian walking out between the parked cars, of course even if we see the pavement is clear we know they could be hidden between the parked vehicles so caution passing the parked vehicles such as adequate clearence and/or a slower speed should be emphasised to your learner/S.E.

In short we should expect anything to happen at any moment, for instance if you see children walking home from school but behaving well, expect that behaviour to change as you approach, a child may suddenly run out into the road or even push a friend into the road, if you expect this to happen and adjust your driving and teaching of learner drivers accordingly then you may save a childs life, the cost to you? nothing except the development of good, advanced driving skills and more brownie points on your driving instructors part 3 test

Software for driving instructors

check test If you use an eye mirror in the top left of your car windscreen then you may not be able to do your job as a driving instructor as well as you could
When giving driving tuition I advise you to get rid of it and turn your head to look at your pupils eyes, your peripheral vision will then be more able to pick up any other faults, the same applies to the ADI part 3 exam