ADI part 3

At the Test Centre

ADI Part 3 Test Centre

First and foremost, visualise yourself passing the ADI part 3 test of instructional ability.

If you can't picture yourself as a fully qualified ADI inside the next hour or so, the chances are – you won't be!

So you're at the test centre waiting for your ADI part 3 assessment, after initial introductions you lead the way out to your vehicle.

The S.E. asks you to sit in the passenger seat and, as part of the process informs you that todays part 3 phase 1 driving lesson will be a turn in the road.

At this stage you need to find out how much training he/she has had already and how long ago, this includes motorcycles and pedal cycles (it could even be that they have been driving farming machinery for many years) has she/he driven a car similar to this before? and in any case you could explain that the 'biting point' may be at a different level on the clutch even though the car is the same model as the last car that was driven by them. You could also ask if they feel confident and if they have any particular concerns about driving in general.

So you have established as much prior knowledge as is practical in the time allowed,and made certain that the S.E. carries out the cockpit drill correctly. Then explain what todays lesson objectives are and that you are going to give directions to a suitable place to carry out the turn in the road and give them a full briefing on the subject after arrival,and on the way you may point out and help with any errors.

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When you feel ready to get moving, after watching closely for the pre-engine start safety checks it would be a good idea to ask them to show you the correct P.O.M. (Prepare-Observe-Move) procedure . Use the drive to the area to watch the S.E. closely for errors, you may even pick up some clues as to any faults that may come into the turn in the road later.

During the drive give feedback and encouragement on any good points and consider mentioning that (for example) 'your observations are great,  if you use those observations doing the turn in the road it'll make it safer for ourselves and other road users'. On arrival, make certain every thing is safe and begin the briefing.

Forget the worry and trying to think of individual subjects, the fact is that if the subject is a 'driving subject' complete a briefing at the driving test centre, then ask yourself if the part 3 subject is here in the car park eg: emerging - the subject is staring you in the face as you are going to have to talk him/her through the emerge from the test centre.

When on your part 3 exam ALWAYS ask yourself 'is the subject likely to be just around the next bend?' you can then anticipate it and in this way you,ll be prepared for a talk through.

If it's a part 3 manoeuvering subject, explain the lessons objectives, establish any prior knowledge and tell the S.E./pupil that you're going to a suitable area to practice, give a briefing when you arrive. On the way you,ll be watching for, and will correct any errors.