Driving Instructor Part 2 Training

Hull, Grimsby & Scunthorpe

ADI part 2 training

Hull, Grimsby & Scunthorpe

Become a driving instructor and insist on one to one training, be careful of trainers that want more than one in the car on your ADI part 2 or part 3, YOU are paying!

With training in Hull from Jon you are primed from day 1 of your ADI part 2 instructor training, not only how to be a good driving instructor but also to have confidence and knowledge about the so called 'dreaded ADI part 3 test' (no confusion if you are taught correctly )

ADI Training

Already completed your ADI part 1 and passed it? or failed your ADI part 2?

Start at the beginning and book an assessment ADI part 2, you may be be ok for the ADI part 2 test after 2 or 3 hours in or around Hull or Scunthorpe and the ADI part 2 can be completed in manageable chunks to fit in with your lifestyle, any ADI part 2 training in Hull or Scunthorpe will be carried out over the course of a few weeks and sometimes even less

(All 1 to 1 ADI part 2 training)

If you have had little or no ADI part 2 training, before you book elsewhere think about why Jon gets so much business from Instructors all over the U.K. including Hull & Scunthorpe doing ADI part 2 and ADI part 3 rescue courses from trainee driving instructors that have had many hours of part 2 or part 3 training from other companies

check testAmong the reasons for acquiring a fault on the ADI part 2 test is too high a speed on approach to hazards.

check testFirst impressions of you as a potential driving instructor count. Impress the ADI part 2 examiner by making certain that you and your car are presentable, clean and tidy.

check test Take some professional ADI part 2 driver training even if you are highly experienced, remember the ADI part 2 examiner knows that you may soon be a driving instructor in your own right and your own driving reflects your teaching of others.

check test Be wary of instructor trainers and big organisations asking for lots of money 'up front' for part 2 and part 3 training, you may find you are bound to them and are forced into accepting sub standard driving instructor training.

check testRemember that the ADI part 2 training in Hull, Grimsby or Scunthorpe when done correctly can be a big help in understanding the part 3 and getting that all important DSA ADI qualification.