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3 day Course

Part 3 Instructor Training Hull

3 day Course

The 3 day recovery course consists of 4 or 5 hours per day and is suitable for 1st 2nd or 3rd attempts. (Be aware, some instructor trainers have taken my words from this website, ask yourself if they have to do that, do you want them to train you?)

It is a very intensive learning experience similar to the 2 day course but with 5 extra hours and spread over 3 days it can give you that little extra boost at a slightly more leisurely pace and give you more time for the knowledge to 'sink in'

If you have little or no experience then consider a full training course with Jon

The course consists of a basic outline but has to be flexible according to the needs of the individual

The first part of day 1 is used to assess your needs and begins gently

On the same day the part 3 training soon builds up to a very intensive learning experience, you should be certain you are fully committed as by the end of the first days training you may feel fatigued and a little overwhelmed, this is normal as my very powerful ADI part 3 training method is very different to your 'usual' ADI part 3 training and is designed strongly on simplifying the ADI part 3 while instilling the confidence and a very good understanding of exactly what it is you need to do on your ADI part 3 test

Day 2 of the part 3 course adds a little more and then we begin to put together the concepts that you have learned and day 3 tops it off with more practice and mock ADI part 3 tests

You can schedule your ADI part 3 training so as to take your ADI part 3 test in Hull the following day or as soon as possible after your training in the area of your choice or even decide to complete more training with Jon

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The ADI part 3 rescue course is designed to be fun, relaxed AND tailored to your needs

Accommodation in Hull or Scunthorpe not included but I can help with arranging your stay