ADI Part 3


ADI Part 3 Motivation

If the ADI part 3 test seems to be a problem in your mind then please read the following

Everything that has happened in your life to the present was born of thoughts... to put it simply let's say for example that you own your own home (or anything else ) Before that home became yours you thought about it lots, if your thoughts at that time had been negative ie :- 'there is no way I can afford this' then you would still be in the situation you were in before you decided to buy

See what I mean? the same applies to the way you deal with your ADI part 3

Work it out, - focus on positive and happy thoughts about the part 3 and get the correct positively motivated training from a trainer that knows how to train you and you will find the ADI part 3 so much less stressful and even enjoyable because you can actually understand what you need to do, you can then go on to take your ADI part 3 with confidence and have a much higher chance of passing as you begin to realise that the ADI part 3 is far easier and so much less confusing than you may have been led to believe

Be positive and use a trainer that knows how to show you the easier ways to achieve your green badge

Don’t believe anyone that tells you that you can't pass at your first attempt, if you feel confused after your trainer has suggested you take the test then you should question the quality of your training as you are simply NOT ready for the ADI part 3 test

Shape your own destiny as far as the ADI part 3 is concerned, positive thoughts produce positive energy which in turn produce positive results, have confidence in yourself, couple that with excellent part 3 training and (watch my lips)

Passed (5-5)
Congratulations to Al now a fully qualified DSA approved driving instructor with a 5-5 pass after two days training in Hull with Purrfect Systems

Passed (5-5)
Congratulations to Amanda from Surrey, passed the ADI part 3 test (in Surrey) with a 5-5 (almost a 5-6)

Passed (5-5)
Congratulations to Vince from Bournemouth, did a 2 day course, now a fully qualified approved driving instructor after training and passing the ADI part 3 in Hull

Let me show you how to keep the ADI part 3 as simple and straightforward as possible and how to I.D. every fault without even looking for them ( sounds unbelievable? ) call now and I'll prove it!

Let me show you how to remember everything on any ADI part 3 briefing without going over and over it constantly ( and no, it's not a memory training course )

Let me show you how to control the pupil/SE fully and take the stress of "it all happened too quickly" away from you