ADI Part 3

Driving Instructor Training

Driving Instructor Training

Do you need help with the Part 3?

Pay as you go Part 3 Training

Your part 3 driving instructor training is kept simple and straightforward, you will learn ways to pass your ADI part 3 with a high grade. Learn lots of amazing techniques & great tips.

Please don't be taken in by T.V. adverts telling you that all you need to do is pay thousands 'up front' for driving instructor training, and they will see to the rest. You may be on a journey to financial destruction and become demoralised very quickly. Ask yourself why these (so called) professional driving instructor training companies have been the focus of programs such as BBC watchdog.

The pay as you train option may suit you. You can take anything from 2 hours per week upwards and pay on each session. The responsibilities of a driving instructor to your student drivers are many, so if you are a PDI on a pink licence, then paying for ADI training in small chunks can make it easier to manage your students.

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Part 3 Recovery - Rescue Training

The ADI part 3 recovery option is designed for those that have been confused or demoralised with previous part 3 training & will set you on course for a confident part 3 pass. You can take any course from 3 hours per week upwards and pay on each session or book a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 days intensive course.

PDI's travel to Hull and Scunthorpe from all corners of the U.K. (including Northern Ireland and Scotland) for ADI part 3 driving instructor training courses or are trained during 3 or 4 hour mini sessions while being shown the simple methods to pass the part 3 test! Please don't believe the myths about the ADI part 3

You will actually UNDERSTAND how to pass the ADI part 3

Good fun while we are training is Guaranteed as is 1 to 1 Training too!

You will find the ADI  training in Hull is very different from previous training

If you are committed and willing you will be shown how to 'coach' the SE using the core competencies while remaining in full control of ANY situation he/she throws at you.

Give a briefing without having to memorise ANYTHING including the part 3 PST's by stripping out the unnecessary bull**** (believe me, there is LOTS of this!)

Whether it's your 1st, 2nd or 3rd attempt, you can become a fully qualified DSA ADI after driving instructor training with Jon Stone, Grade 6 DSA ADI. Now A Grade.