ADI Part 3

Planning & Anticipation

Anticipation & Planning

One of the common reasons for not passing the ADI 3 test is not thinking far enough ahead, not anticipating any given potential hazard and giving your directions too late, the control of the lesson can easily fall apart if you are not thinking well ahead, the S.E. WILL act exactly as your typical learner driver and needs plenty of time to think about the instruction or direction you have given when on a driving lesson

The way your give your instruction to turn right (or any other direction/instruction) could literally send you and your learner in the worst case, to an early grave, unless you are 'on the ball'
Think about the following statement

'Turn right at the next junction'

what could happen (and does) is that the are so focused on doing exactly what you tell them that they could turn right immedialtely and without warning, possibly directly into someone's driveway or worse still into oncoming traffic, all the learner heard was your first words 'Turn right' ouch.....
Now think about changing this to 'take the second road on the right just after the zebra crossing'
Far safer don't you agree, and notice I said the second road, this should be said if the roads are too close to each other to give the instruction in good time
Another example could be 'Turn right at the end of the road' ouch again!
Something like 'At the end of the road turn right' could save embarrassment

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