Driving Instructor Training

ADI Part 3


Due to serious illness, I can no longer take any bookings. Apologies. I am leaving the website up for a while to help people. The site is now for sale, with or without its original name. Around 150 hand optimised pages at a bargain price.

Driving Instructor Training

ADI Part 3
& Standards Check

  Pass your ADI Part 3 with excellent training

So....you've decided you want to be a driving instructor. You're imagination runs riot. You have thoughts of making a ton of money and having a great lifestyle after getting the all important green ADI badge. That's the licence which proves you are a qualified driving instructor and allows you to earn cash legally by teaching others to drive.

Firstly, don't fall into the trap of losing thousands of pounds by paying one of the 'big brand' instructor companies up front. It all looks and sounds great on the TV adverts. Their websites give a similar impression.

The feedback I hear from many PDI's who have been with them is that once the company has your money in their bank, then they don't care about you or the stress you are suffering through poor training. And they will not give you a refund, end of story.

I've been told by PDI's that they simply did not receive anywhere near enough training, and the training they had was sub-standard. Yes, that's right. They had been pushed into taking their Part 3 test when they simply were not prepared for it.

Many of them had been told to have a go because no-one passes the first attempt. What a load of garbage. I have trained many, many people who have passed first time, and they didn't have to re-mortgage their home to pay me.

You have only 3 attempts at the part 3, so you shouldn't be taking a test just to find out what it's like. A good trainer will know and show you exactly what the part 3 is like during your training.

The sad fact is that over the years I must have trained lots of PDI's who tell me they wish they had come to me first. In some of the instances the PDI's have had such a poor level of training that they had actually been taught how to FAIL the ADI part 3. What a way to spend your hard earned money.

Your driving instructor training is kept simple and straightforward, you will learn ways to pass your ADI part 2 with no faults & the ADI part 3 with a grade 6. Learn lots of amazing techniques for the part 3 test, with some great tips & lots of help while you get a feel of the high quality driving instructor training. Approved driving instructors, improve your standards of teaching your student drivers. Your driving test pass rate can be greatly enhanced after a couple of hours training.

You will be taught how to deal with emergency situations calmly and efficiently while a student is driving the car.

The new Standards Check can be a breeze. The Standards Check is not as complex as you might think, give Jon a call to improve your chance of getting your  grade A.

Whether it's your 1st, 2nd or 3rd attempt, you can get rid of your potential driving instructor status and throw your pink badge away to become a fully qualified DSA approved driving instructor after training with Jon Stone, Grade 6 DSA ADI. Now A Grade.

ADI Part Three driving instructor training is carried out in Hull, Scunthorpe or Grimsby.

ADI Instructor training

Wednesday 20th of September

Passed (4-5)
Congratulations to Peter, from Anlaby, with a 4-5 pass after training in Hull

Passed (5-5)
Helen from Cheshire passed the adi part 3 after training in Hull
(almost a 6-6 )

Passed (5-5)
Karen from Stafford passed the adi part 3 at Stoke on Trent after training in Hull
(almost a 6-6 )

Passed (5-5)
Judy from Huddersfield had a few hours instructor training and passed the adi part 3 in Hull

Passed (5-5)
Congratulations to Chris, from Ascot, with a 5-5 pass after two days ADI part 3 recovery in Hull

Passed (5-4)
Emma from Northern Ireland came for 2 days part 3 course in Hull, and passed in Belfast with a 5-4